Next steps…

As we lead up to the surgery on the 26th of November, there are still a number of things that need to be done.

Thursday morning at 0900 I spend time with the audiologist, at which time they will take yet another baseline reading of one of my critical senses. I’m kinda looking forward to that one ’cause I’ve come to suspect that the sensitivity of my right ear has dropped a bit, and I’d like to know for sure.

Immediately after the audiologist (1000), I get to spend some time with Peggy Nesbitt, speech pathologist extraordinaire. She is the supervisor of the team that did the assessment last week, and apparently she likes to meet and spend some time with all of the C.O.M.P.R.U. patients. Now it is totally possible that I’ve keyed in the wrong name here; I can’t get a Google hit on her, which is a bit confusing.

Friday morning at 10:00 AM I report to the UAH for my PAC; Pre-Admissions Clinic. I’ve been warned to expect 2, 3 and even 4 hours of blood work, x-rays, briefings and a meeting with the anaesthesiologist. I will walk away from there with a list of dos and don’ts, instructions for the surgery prep, and a clearer understanding of what to expect, I hope.

I will then go to the firm’s offices downtown, visit with the managers who are being so good to me, and try to touch base with the members of the team that are aware of what’s going on. My final acts of the working day will be to set my availability calendar to “Do not wake until Spring”, turn on the ‘out of office’ function on Outlook and put a suitably obtuse message on my phone messaging system.

Friday night at 11:30 PM my parents are flying in from Ontario, but my older brother has decided to pick them up and keep them suitably entertained for the duration. I have no idea what I will be doing Friday night, although laying out the things that I will want at the hospital later in the week seems like a fairly obvious activity.

And no, we are not going to Jasper… I’m just a trifle concerned about the trip. I know that I’m starting to get antsy about everything, so its probably better to try another tack…

We will, all four of us, Kimberley, Jennifer and my darling Gail, check into the Met on Whyte Avenue ( on Saturday about noon. I’m imagining lunch at Julio’s Barrio or further down at Dadio’s, followed by a wander to the Dead Sea Salts store (can’t remember its real name: Aveda? Not likely!), fumble through Chapters to pick up some reading materials and a crossword puzzle book and dictionary, and then on to a stop at the Paint Spot to pick up a travelling watercolour box and a smallish water colour paper sketchbook. Then naps at the hotel? Or should I make them go on to the paint-it-yourself pottery shop and get each of them to make a goofy mug?

Dinner Saturday night will be at Culina’s on 89th at 99th.

Sunday will start (after checkout) with brunch at my brother’s with my parents. An early dinner will be hosted by John and Nancy and will include my family.

Gee, this is starting to read like a wedding weekend and not a pre-surgery set-up!

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