Update: Radiation; DONE: Chemo; DELAYED

Today should have been the day that the final Cisplatin chemo dose was administered. Well, it didn’t happen. Yesterday, when they did the pre-treatment blood work, it was discovered that I have not come back far enough in my blood counts: I’m sitting at 1.2 and they really want me much closer to 2.0 (2.2 being where we were at the first chemo, but admittedly at only 1.5 when they did the second chemo treatment). It will come back… we just need time and some dietary help. When they normally give chemo, they work to a 21 day cycle that … Continue reading Update: Radiation; DONE: Chemo; DELAYED

Now what!?

Yesterday we spent the day either with G.’s dentist looking into how to solve her ongoing ‘bridge’ problem, or at the Cross Cancer Institute getting ready for the radiation treatments. As this blog is supposed to be about me, I’ll leave the dental woes for G. to communicate in her own way.Thursday at the Cross was about getting ready for the radiation treatments, with three activities planned; 1. make the mould for the head mask, 2. get a CT Scan done to help with the final stages of the treatment planning, and 3. have a one-on-one with a radiation therapist … Continue reading Now what!?