Updating Disability Insurance Conundrums

This morning I had a phone call from a lovely sounding young woman who will be my Disability Insurance Case/Claim Manager.  It was a really nice chat, and quite informative with regards to how things may work going forward.  She is working on the approval and doesn’t see any real challenges in the approval process.  One of the questions she asked  that caught me by surprise was her request that I describe to her the reasons why I shouldn’t be returning to work right now.  Be prepared for this question. It felt a bit bit odd at first, but I’m … Continue reading Updating Disability Insurance Conundrums

Disability Insurance

And while we wait for the ‘all clear‘ that will allow me to take up my position at the assigned desk at the job that I actually like and enjoy, we’ve been told that the ‘general sick leave’ allowance will run out the first week of March.  So now we have to get the Long Term Disability Insurance activated.  I’ve reviewed the forms, passed the appropriate ones on to my GP and the Doctor managing my rehab…  this is getting interesting, and just a wee bit scary.The disability insurance provider that is used by my place of work requires a … Continue reading Disability Insurance