Disability Insurance

And while we wait for the ‘all clear‘ that will allow me to take up my position at the assigned desk at the job that I actually like and enjoy, we’ve been told that the ‘general sick leave’ allowance will run out the first week of March.  So now we have to get the Long Term Disability Insurance activated.  I’ve reviewed the forms, passed the appropriate ones on to my GP and the Doctor managing my rehab…  this is getting interesting, and just a wee bit scary.

The disability insurance provider that is used by my place of work requires a number of different forms to be filled in so that they can properly adjudicate the claim.  The employer has a form which essentially (although I haven’t seen it) describes the duties of the job one is no longer able to do.  The employee, meaning ‘me’ also has a form to fill out which seems to be an assessment of your understanding of your job, and whether you think you can perform it properly.   There is a third form which needs to come from your physicians.  Notice that I pluralized that.  They want to hear from your attending, and the key specialists.  This is especially important because it is going to be one or more of these good folks who have said you shouldn’t be going back to work at the moment.
I am cautioned that the process for evaluation and adjudication can take up to six weeks.

We must remember that one of the primary goals of the insurance provider are to ensure that the insured person is not subjected to undue financial hardship during their disability period by providing an alternate source of income and then to help get the insured person back to work wherever possible.  It is my understanding that they may even entertain the notion of retraining…

The disability insurance that I have through my employer will provide 70% of the original salary.  It is also my understanding that my employer will continue to make pension contributions on my behalf and manage my other medical and life insurance benefits.

You do need to take this stuff seriously.  They will be asking your doctors some pretty heavy duty stuff.  And you do need to give the doctors permission to release the information.  Don’t be silly about it; sign the release.  It could mean the difference between an accepted or rejected claim.

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