Before the October winds blow

Alberta colours before the October winds blow. As we make our way through rural Alberta at the end of September we can discover a world of colours that reflect the life and beauty of the terrain and the biodiversity. When the October winds begin to blow the foliage that is changing colour will go, leaving, in some places, bleak looking skeletal trees outlined against greys, browns and the white of snow and ice. The coniferous trees will desperately try to hold on to their greenery to provide a multihued green counterpoint, holding out hope for the spring and rebirth. Before … Continue reading Before the October winds blow

Weaponizing Language; Using the "D" word

We learn very early in life how to weaponize language. School yard taunts, the verbal abuse we hurl at our siblings and our peers, the calculated assaults by our bullies begin to show us how language can be a weapon. Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. “ –English language childhood rhyme How very wrong we are. Missteps and misuse of language can have serious consequences and unforeseen repercussions. Current culture shows us how language can be politicized and weaponized. Here are a couple of links to sites that discuss it; Weaponizing language historically … Continue reading Weaponizing Language; Using the "D" word