Broke a tooth!

Oh for crying out loud!  Last night while we were out to an event at a local ‘hall’ I broke a piece off a molar. there is no pain or anything that traumatic. My concern is that the radiation and chemo therapy is finally catching up with me, five years later. Not only have I had to undergo a root canal recently, but now this tooth has started to come apart.  The way the piece came away reminds me of glaciers calving ice bergs. Continue reading Broke a tooth!

Send me a note to call me on my behaviours!

If you find that this blog has not been updated within a two week period, please send a note or comment to that effect.  the blog was intended to connect with others who have had the same challenges, or just generally to stay ‘in the world’ rather than retreating into some sort of intellectual hibernation.  Not to remain as current as possible in this day of social media is just plain silly.  Help me to stay current… give me a virtual poke, a pinch, a kick in the pants, to remind me. Thanks!! Continue reading Send me a note to call me on my behaviours!