Send me a note to call me on my behaviours!

If you find that this blog has not been updated within a two week period, please send a note or comment to that effect.  the blog was intended to connect with others who have had the same challenges, or just generally to stay ‘in the world’ rather than retreating into some sort of intellectual hibernation.  Not to remain as current as possible in this day of social media is just plain silly.  Help me to stay current… give me a virtual poke, a pinch, a kick in the pants, to remind me.


One thought on “Send me a note to call me on my behaviours!

  1. Hi Bruce….I forget how I stumbled on your site ( it was only moments ago) but I thought I might share a different slant on your experience ….based on my own.
    Firstly I am a woman and perhaps a few years older than you, and my cancer was breast and my present condition I would term early onset Alzheimers.
    Other than different names for different conditions the fundamental cause for both of our dilemmas is being born. The one thing we and all the rest of humanity have in common is birth and death. How we live is the great question and causes us to come-are and contrast our lives with others, failing to rest in the fact that we all are dying.
    How we are dying is the important question, not what we are doing or not doing to avoid resting in the question.

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