Command and Control culture doesn’t translate well…

The Command and Control culture that is the military, that is law enforcement and to a lesser degree that is fire fighting’s backbone has severe limitations when applied to organizations that require innovation and transformation to thrive or even just to survive.  In spite of what the gurus over at the Harvard Business Review have to say, the Command and Control culture cannot be layered over the existing culture of an organization successfully simply because the new CEO/CIO/CFO/COO is from another organization with a long standing Command and Control culture.  It doesn’t seem to matter what post graduate degree they’ve got tucked under their epaulet regardless of how it was supposed to compliment the braid and embroidery.  The very notion of a Command and Control culture background fights innovation and transformation when it is coming from the senior levels of management.  There are lessons to be learned from the Command and Control world, but when its unyielding dictums are applied too rigorously to those not already steeped in the culture the application spawns fear and loathing.  By all means let’s find a place for experienced military and paramilitary leaders in the mainstream of the corporate world, but bear in mind that only a special few are equipped to take a seat in the C-Suite.WP_20150531_19_36_35_bath cathedral adjusted

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