Taking care of the care givers can be costly…but it is worth the cost!! ;)

And while we all love the dedication and support of our caregivers, and quite possibly would not make it through all of the challenges we are presented with without them, we do have to be mindful of the costs involved in properly showing our appreciation for their devoted service.  For instance, my wife, partner, companion has been my chauffeur, always on standby, always ready to take me hither and yon, adjusting her own schedule and obligations to ensure that I don’t feel too much like I am under house arrest because of the stroke and the complications of an unusually severe winter.  As payment and payback, especially given that celebrations of our wedding anniversary suffered and the usual valentine’s day festivities were a bit stilted although I did manage to get out and get a lovely bit of lingerie for her, we dipped into our savings and inked a deal to replace an ageing and potentially unreliable  Jeep used heavily during the winter because of its 4×4 capabilities with a VW Tiguan AWD. On balance, it is a small price to pay…  😉  And she does like our new Tiguan. 

What are you doing for your caregivers?  When was the last time you sent them out to a movie with their friends, or treated them to a mani-pedi, or even made the phone calls to have dinner delivered?  Give it some thought; how would your current life be without them?

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