And it keeps turning…

Well, in spite of the silliness of so many of the world’s leaders, their inability to engage with the people whom they govern, and their clumsy interactions with the other leaders they absolutely must deal with, the world keeps turning.  Yes, well, we’ve got a volcano with renewed activity out there showing that the planet is developing indigestion likely from the antics of its parasites, and some pretty confused and confusing weather patterns.
But on the home front, things are becoming a bit more stable and the future is looking far less bleak.  We are exercising regularly, in fact it is becoming part of the routine, which coupled with the rehab efforts, including the continued use of website’s exercises, is by all reports, making a difference.  The potential for personal financial calamity is decreasing, and we are making some headway with the filing of benefits claims on the various disability insurance policies. I still question the bureaucracy that surrounds the way the claims are processed.

One of the high points of recent days are the Olympics, and Canada’s medal count and the potential for continued success in curling and hockey.

On a more personal note, high points of the Family Day weekend included time with one of the grand daughters and the two grand nephews.  The visit with one of the grand nephews was made so much brighter by his introducing me to the world of Bey Blades. Wow; battling tops, revisited 40 years later!  So much fun!

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