The real impact was from…

Yesterday I was reviewing all I’ve been through in the last 18 months, mentally forming the time line into a glass sphere, like a Caithness paperweight, and holding it up to the light, twisting and turning it to look at it from all angles and I found a view that startled me.  Caithness Glass The cancer was a threat, there is no question about it. But the effects that I am still feeling and will carry with me for life are a direct result of the treatments and NOT the actual cancer. The scale of the trauma to my body to … Continue reading The real impact was from…


The thing about reconnecting with old friends after a significant time out of touch is that they help you to remember other ‘wheres’ and other ‘whens’. The challenge about reconnecting with old friends after a significant time out of touch is that they help you to remember other ‘wheres’ and other ‘whens’ with startling clarity. As the expression goes, ‘the truth will out’!I’m sitting in Calgary this morning, in my sister’s living room, waiting until its time to go pick up G. from the airport. She is returning from a three week visit to her family in the UK. And … Continue reading Re-connecting

Just say NO to Crowne Plaza Hotels

First of all, I must admit that some days I really think that our eldest daughter has a target painted on her forehead. She has been taken advantage of yet again. And again, it was while travelling. This time it was Crowne Plaza Hotel staff.I may have mentioned it before, but she and her younger sister are pregnant. As part of her attempts to celebrate both the pregnancy and her thirtieth birthday, she decided to accompany Gail to England to visit her grandparents. Unfortunately, the pregnancy is not without its complications, and she was forced to return home early. The … Continue reading Just say NO to Crowne Plaza Hotels

Motorcycle ride to Calgary and back

  I actually accomplished the rather macho act of riding my motorcycle to Calgary and back. I was quite pleased with how comfortable a ride my motorcycle, a Honda Shadow Aero 750T, was. There were no issues with my back, although my ‘sit bones’ really started to cause me concern. ‘Numb bum’ syndrome became quite painful. I gotta get me a better pad for the seat if I’m going to do long rides like that again. My knees were a bit stiff when I got off the bike, but I did try to stop every 100 kilometers or so to … Continue reading Motorcycle ride to Calgary and back

EPSB reverses Superintendent’s position

The following was lifted from the EPSB internal bulletin board site: Superintendent of Schools ends travel restrictionsMay 6, 2009 – After reviewing the latest information regarding the H1N1 Influenza outbreak, the Superintendent has suspended all restrictions on staff and student travel. Effective May 7, the District will allow students and staff to resume air travel within Canada as well as all international field trips and district business trips. The District will continue to monitor the H1N1 influenza outbreak and is prepared to make additional adjustments should circumstances change in the future.For the sake of context, be aware that this statement … Continue reading EPSB reverses Superintendent’s position

Time to change the Superintendent of Schools

Having listened to Edmonton Public Schools Superintendent Edgar Schmidt on the local CBC Radio One this morning, and thinking back to what a number of elementary school teacher friends have mentioned to me in the recent past, I believe that it is time to find a new Superintendent.This man is accepting and acting on bad advice. Firstly, his decision to restrict all out-of-province travel (air and ground) for the students in his jurisdiction is, in my mind, misguided. The only reason to make such sweeping statements, and invoke such sweeping bans is if the insurers pulled their support. He makes … Continue reading Time to change the Superintendent of Schools

Hypothyrodism confirmed

Damn. I’ve received confirmation that the radiation therapy has affected my thyroid, leaving me with a mild case of hypothyroidism.In discussion with my doctor (David Williams) when he called me at 8:00 PM (interesting office hours) he mentioned that 10 years ago the levels of TSH in my system would have been within accepted tolerances. Its only within that 10 years that the medical profession has determined a finer scale for measurement, and have determined a finer scale for treatment. My levels were a ‘5’ when they should have been a ‘4’, if that makes any sense to anyone. I … Continue reading Hypothyrodism confirmed

Are the people at CBC Edmonton just stupid?

Now that the World Health Organization has realized that calling something the ‘Swine Flu’ has serious perception problems for pork producers, they have started referring to the strain as the H1Ni virus, and have asked media outlets to do the same. This is not the same as BSE (Mad Cow Disease). You cannot get the H1N1 flu from pork products, especially once cooked properly. But of course with people being people there is a bit of hysteria surrounding eating pork and the flu. And with politicians being their own species of swine some countries are capitalizing on the fear and … Continue reading Are the people at CBC Edmonton just stupid?