EPSB reverses Superintendent’s position

The following was lifted from the EPSB internal bulletin board site: Superintendent of Schools ends travel restrictionsMay 6, 2009 – After reviewing the latest information regarding the H1N1 Influenza outbreak, the Superintendent has suspended all restrictions on staff and student travel. Effective May 7, the District will allow students and staff to resume air travel within Canada as well as all international field trips and district business trips. The District will continue to monitor the H1N1 influenza outbreak and is prepared to make additional adjustments should circumstances change in the future.For the sake of context, be aware that this statement … Continue reading EPSB reverses Superintendent’s position

Time to change the Superintendent of Schools

Having listened to Edmonton Public Schools Superintendent Edgar Schmidt on the local CBC Radio One this morning, and thinking back to what a number of elementary school teacher friends have mentioned to me in the recent past, I believe that it is time to find a new Superintendent.This man is accepting and acting on bad advice. Firstly, his decision to restrict all out-of-province travel (air and ground) for the students in his jurisdiction is, in my mind, misguided. The only reason to make such sweeping statements, and invoke such sweeping bans is if the insurers pulled their support. He makes … Continue reading Time to change the Superintendent of Schools