Whew! Its been a bit of a whirlwind of a week so far… G. is getting ready for her annual trip to the UK to visit family, and I am fighting the parameters of an engagement, and not feeling like I’m getting any traction whatsoever.

What I’ve got is a situation where the client is unable to articulate where they’re going with something, usually taking a position that makes no sense, or that contravenes something that we have already architected for them… I make suggestions and they hold firm to their murky vision. I then bring in my supervisor(s) with the hope that they can sway the client and get them back on track, and the client then completely undermines what I’ve said to my supers by presenting my direction as their own personal epiphanies! I really do dislike the duplicity, and the position it is repeatedly putting me in. And then one another front, it appears that I am doing ‘too much’ for the client… and from the wrong direction.

It also has to be said that my immediate contact within the client organization has been ‘hung out to dry’ on this project, with a complete lack of supervision and direction until we reach the pain points…

Damn, but I hate it!

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