Another bleak autumn day. The quality of light is disconcerting, giving everything a grayish feeling to it, quite appropriate as the plants and animals start to hunker down for another winter. Its one of those days that make me wish for snow to bring some brightness to it all. All the browns and greys out there with the now bare trees, in this quality of light, is depressing!

I’ve been hiding in the basement office, supposedly studying for yet another exam. It seems like there’s always another exam… Instead of spending all the time studying Service Strategy, I’ve been tinkering with the website, and researching different web hosting organizations. I need to come up with a decent domain name before moving the website, however… and I just haven’t been able to settle on anything clever, yet appropriate.

And, I’ve been re-reading this blog to remind myself of what’s gone on in the last year. Wow. We’re coming up to the one year anniversary of the cancer surgery. Wow.

I’ve also been reviewing how people have been finding this blog. I use a web-based tracker, SiteManager, to keep track of where readers are from (can’t see who, just the where and when) and how they got to this blog. Of course its mostly family and friends who were given the address, with a very few who linked in from the website. Not enough from the website, though, which is one reason to move it. At the moment its tucked too far behind the Shaw Internet DMZ, and doesn’t get crawled by the Internet search engines, so its time to move it to somewhere that the search bots can get at it. But the other way people have been finding the blog is through google searches.

The most popular google searches that point eventually to this blog are, in no particular order:

  • Dr. Akubutu’s Mouthwash
  • forearm flap (its the photos, apparently)
  • quadroscopy
  • portrait and Victoria, in combination… can’t quite figure that one out

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