Unfortunately, we missed the show at the Citadel last night… G. is suffering from bronchitis and was not in any condition to spend 3 hours at a show and socializing… I am a bit disappointed. Surprisingly, it didn’t take quite as much to psyche myself up for the return to that building than I first thought.

The other shoe finally dropped about J., the oldest of the two girls. The tests have come back indicating that it is NOT lymphoma, but active CMV (cytomegalovirus), instead. Its not as bad as what it could have been, and what else they were testing for. Another cancer diagnosis in the family would have devastated her mother. J. probably picked it up during her work as a obstetrics nurse… she will need to be monitored for the short term to make sure that the hepatitis-like component doesn’t affect her liver.

I remain very disappointed with the three major political party leaders, and am furious with Mr. Harper for his discounting of the impact of the Arts. I was seriously thinking about voting Green Party even though I know that they can’t carry this riding, as an endorsement of where they stand on building for the future. I’ve pretty much determined that I’m going to vote for the party most likely to dislodge the Conservatives in our riding. I suspect that it will be the Liberals; the local NDP candidate is an absolute wingnut

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