Mid Week Update

Fall is upon us! The weather here began to turn over the weekend… cool early mornings, moderated temperatures at midday, cool evenings, and rain! This morning at 6 am the temperature was +2 degrees C. A frost had formed… And no, I didn’t ride my motorcycle to work. In fact, I haven’t ridden it any morning this week. Monday it was raining too much. Tuesday threatened rain, and I needed some extra reference material at work that wouldn’t really fit on the bike safely. This morning I was running late, and the cold spooked me. Its currently lovely and bright, but chilly…

Its time to start seriously thinking about how I will be storing the motorcycle for the winter. G. has suggested that, if we move things around a bit, it could spend the winter in the garage. I’m not sure that that is such a great idea. An acquaintance at work has suggested that it could be ‘tarped’ and left out back by the deck and the hot tub. On one hand its not a bad idea, but on the other hand I’m really not sure what even that limited exposure will do to the bike. I’m thinking that I may look into a storage unit at one of the local storage facilities, but I’m not really sure about spending the money.

Things at work are starting to get busy… busy is good. If I let it, it could start to spill over into my personal time. We’ll just have to avoid that, eh?

Monday night we saw Carol Burnett at the Winspear. Nice enough… but the ticket price was a bit much for what was delivered. I didn’t pay for the tickets, but nevertheless, I seriously question the value proposition. Now, there were rabid fans in the audience (the place was sold out) who will undoubtedly take issue with my position. But I really believe that it would have been so much better to have been in a smaller, much more intimate venue. And for me, the question-and-answer format just didn’t work…

Last night was at home… sort of.

Tonight we’ve got Spanish class, although G. has announced that she’s not feeling well enough. I’m starting to worry that her bronchitis has slipped into pneumonia.

Tomorrow night is the opening of “Pride and Prejudice” at The Citadel… I haven’t been in the Shoctor Theatre for nearly ten years. This could be very traumatic!

Friday Night is Colin James at the Arden in St. Albert.

Saturday Night is the 50th Anniversary Gala at Walterdale Theatre.

Busy week, eh?

My swallow has improved a wee bit, thanks to Irene’s guidance (therapist at iRSM/Compru). But I am starting to believe that the real problem is with my tongue and dry mouth syndrome. I may be stuck with this problem forever… and the dry mouth issue is making me cautious at work. I do not speak as much as I used to, and when I do, I start fretting enough that I’m losing my train of thought. I’m really not sure that I will be able to do full day training/presentations any time soon. I need to develop a strategy for keeping my mouth wet… Drinking water every couple of minutes gets a bit tedious, and, when I’m on a roll, I forget and then find myself with a problem. There has got to be a better way to handle it!

Its too early to tell if the new strategy for my shoulder is working, or not…

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