Nothing to react to, yet…

I suppose that being prepared has its rewards, but it was a bit disappointing that, there I was, all prepared to have the conversation about my promotion, the group that was to be set up and the compensation package… when I discovered that the boss wasn’t… so now we must wait until Friday.

Last night was G’s birthday celebrations with the daughters… it went very well… they even threw in a belated Father’s Day gift for me. Did you know that they don’t make belated Father’s Day cards?

I am sitting on the 28th floor of one of the Calgary office towers, waiting for the CIO to arrive to be briefed on our Workforce Mobility Training Program… and it just occured to me that I have no idea whether or not the Help Desk upgraded his machine. Bloody hell, but this could be another embarrassing one….

Luckily, he had been ‘dealt with’, but, as a true technocrat, he had already adjusted his settings blowing out part of the installation. So we still had to call the Service Desk to get him reconfigured.

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