How does one react?

So, I did go in to work this morning to contribute to an RFP that is under development. And while there, I found myself with the gawd-awfullest feeling that what I’ve been trying to accomplish with the new practice initiative is going to be torpedoed. Now, its not the concept or the practice itself, but the new supervisor has promised to take the draft job description to HR and to get the value of the manager placed on the pay grid. Something in the back of my mind says that they’re going to come back to me with a let’s-get-through-the-next-three-months-and-then-we’ll-talk answer.

I think that my answer to that will be a simple, straightforward thanks-but-no-thanks. I earn enough, and I earn enough for the company where I am. I am not about to double the stress and triple the responsibility ‘on spec’. I will point out that putting me into that sort of situation puts them at serious risk of creating yet another disgruntled worker… one who will have no doubts about walking away if the opportunity presents itself. If they are not willing to invest in the business opportunity properly, then I don’t see how I can rationalize the investment from my side.

My actual comeback would to ensure that they waive all handcuff agreements if someone were to try to woo me away. That should get their attention and drive home the point, eh?

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