Day One departures

Leaving home can be a stressful affair, fraught with the oh-mi-gawds, and did-I-remembers.  This leaving was no different, especially the part where I stressed out over the weight of our suitcases, thinking forward to the number of times we’d be hauling them through strange airports.  But as a ‘day one‘ goes our journey and adventure was somewhat uneventful and quite comfortable. When we got off the tiny commuter plane from Edmonton to Calgary, we were quite relieved.  Things were going well, just a bit cramped. I, in my usual way, was worried that our big bags wouldn’t make it onto … Continue reading Day One departures

the Short List Revisited… seven years on….

I doubt that any of the current readers, lurkers and trolls that stumble across this blog have actually read the ‘short list’ post that I put up in 2006.  This is not, nor was it ever intended to substitute for a ‘bucket list’.  Here it is again, just ‘because’  I’m thinking that I will begin to build the core of the current incarnation of the blog around it with homage to my cancer battle and my challenge with the stroke.  What do you think?the ‘re-post’ starts here>> As I am drawn through the day-to-day meanderings that make up my world, … Continue reading the Short List Revisited… seven years on….