Something from nothing; can your Covid side hustle grow into a real business?

This week I decided that my Covid side hustle had the potential to be a real business. Creating something from nothing, is so much fun!

Its not really something from nothing. For me it was taking an interest and deciding to make it a business.

During the pandemic I explored my various and varied interests more fully. One of those interests has become a Covid side hustle and is now set to go mainstream.

Somewhere in one of my posts in the past couple of years I mention that I reflected on the wisdom of a good friend and admitted that I don’t have the self-esteem to do nothing. This week that nothing has turned into a fledgling aerial photography and videography business.

When the Covid lockdowns first began I was a bit concerned about how I would use the time now afforded me. I could read, write or pick up on any one of a number interests that I have.

Let’s look at those interests.

Writing. I am part of a small group of writers who review each others’ work on our novels. I do enjoy it. But when I gave some serious thought to turning my writing into a revenue stream I stalled a bit. It is an admirable profession and one that I have taken courses in, and done the obligatory editing training as well. I’m keeping it in my back pocket. I can do it, but I’m not sure that I want to spend too much time on copywriting, technical writing or formal editing rather than the work I do for friends in our little group.

Polymer clays; I took the opportunity to work extensively with polymer clays in the last two years. Friends have encouraged me, with the help of my wife, to make it into a business. What I have produced is more support for my wife’s own interest in making jewelry. I make the beads, baubles and pendants that she turns into earrings and necklaces and occasional bracelet. She isn’t particularly interested in processing the volume that would make it profitable. Having to work that hard would take the joy out of creating and turn it into a job for her. She’s not interested.

I paint. I spent a bit of time picking up the pieces of my fine art indulgences that obliquely tie back to my university degree. I’m producing watercolors, some acrylic paintings and at least one multimedia collage that I’m okay with.

Drone flying. The surprising interest that took up the most time was triggered by a gift from my wife; a quadcopter drone. After a lot of experimentation and learning how to ‘fly’, studying for and passing my Transport Canada drone operators certification, I decided to make it a legit post Covid business.

  • I took an online course that was similar to airplane pilot’s ground school.
  • I successfully completed an online exam preparation class and now have my Transport Canada Basic Certification
  • I’m working through another class for procedural protocols. Thanks to Coastal Drone in British Columbia for a great online course and lots of useful advice!!
  • I got a local business license and registered my business with the CRA, and am about to push the button on insurance coverage.
  • I’ve got business cards and am working on building a website.

Come visit me at

Nearly everyday since March I’ve been out with the drone learning to fly and photograph.

Will my Covid side hustle be a success? Its pretty hard to tell. I’ve had two ‘engagements but my real problem is self promotion, so that’s my next focus.

What is your Covid side hustle, and might it become your primary revenue stream? Should it become your primary revenue stream?

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