The loneliest places during Covid-19

The loneliest places during the pandemic are traveling carnivals waiting for permission to open, theatres, concert halls, and amusement parks. The theatres, concert halls are usually prepping for ‘festival season’ at this point in the calendar, actors, and musicians readying for the house to open.

Will the stage manager be calling for ‘places, please‘ anytime soon?

In many places around the world the theatres are still dark, and will remain so for some time.

The prohibition against large gatherings have resulted in the cancellation of many festivals across the country, not just theatre festivals, but music festivals as well.

Amusement parks are also being denied their chance to entertain.

Sadly though, this is also the season in Canada of the traveling carnivals moving from town to town, city to city intent on bringing joy and fun to kids of all ages. Lonely is the carnival set up in the vacant field, or the mall parking lot waiting for the local administrators to give permission to open. Hopefully Canada Day will provide the impetus to allow opening.

Let the fun begin!!

lonely carnival
the lonely travelling carnival waiting for permission to open

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