What to do now; Plan, Prepare, Participate

What to do now;

We’re caught trying to maintain balance in the crashing waves of pandemic, supply chain disruption, new isolation rules, attempts to restart schools, less than carefully considered imperatives to ‘get back to work’ and natural disasters.  What’s a person to do?  What to do now!?

Most of us are straddling two different worlds right now.  There’s our personal life and  stuff, and then there’s the business world which we haven’t completely abandoned or been separated from.  Just because we’re at home, playing at being retired or furloughed doesn’t absolve us from responsibilities to provide advice to our families, contribute opinions or just complain about the state of politics and the world.

Planning board
Plan, Prepare, Participate

What’s a semi retired guy to do?

on the edges of business
on the edges of business
  • Hand out free advice.  😉
  • Show no malice. Its tough for everyone right now. Don’t be a dick.
  • Live with a sense of humour to try to lighten everyone’s mood. 
  • Be supportive!!  I can’t lighten your load unfortunately.  I might be able to help just by listening and chatting with you.I have been around a bit so my ramblings might give you a clue as to what to do now.

What’s a business leader to do?

During the infrequent lulls before the full on resumption of business complicated by the potential for a rebalancing of the political landscape, what should we be focusing on in our business lives?  You do realize that all of this may be superseded by another sweeping shutdown.

Yes, I do presume to offer this advice while sitting on the outer edges of the business arena. 🙂

empty boardroom
I presume to offer advice
  • Review and revise business continuity processes and emergency management protocols.  There could be another wave coming.  Are you ready?
  • Update employee manuals. Examine internal communication structures, create new email templates, intranet pages, policy documents.
  • Tighten up business processes.  It’s a great time for reflection and introspection that leads to innovation and transformation to re-establish market share and carve a new path to the future.
  • Revitalize training programs and training materials. 
  • Energize websites, blog content, marketing materials, customer service channels to reflect an optimistic view of the future.  Publish white papers, case studies.  Is it time to rebrand?
  • Help the leadership team tune up their skills and motivations to provide management excellence be the excellent leaders your staff needs right now.

What should you be doing in your personal world?

What to do now at home echoes my unsolicited advice about what our business leaders should be doing.

  • Is your household prepared for the next wave?  I do not encourage hoarding, but I do encourage you to plan how you are going to get supplies, manage prescriptions and generally keep the family and vulnerable members of your bubble safe, active, and engaged.  Don’t forget to make preparations for winter.
  • Chores!!  Do up a new list.  You’ve got the experience from the last lockdown to figure this out.  Assign responsibilities.  Don’t forget to TELL the people in your household and your bubble what the expectations are.  Communicate!!  Buy a couple of planning calendars and post them in conspicuous places.  Create family email accounts, check out the best in social media platforms and  online meeting apps like Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, etc.
  • Figure out how you’re going to deal with banking, bill payments, the intricacies of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas.
  • If there are children in the household ask yourself how the logistics of dance classes, music lessons and sports will be managed.  How are you going to get to yoga safely?  Maybe consider taking an online class or two yourself during a potential lockdown.  But for sure make it an imperative to get your family up to speed on digital communications and how to visit with friends and family via social media and online meeting apps so they won’t feel the isolation as keenly as before.  The odds are good that your kids and grandkids will know more about this than you do.  Ask them!!
  • Giving consideration to home renovations might be a bit late in the game given the shift in seasons that’s on the way.  Prep your yard for winter.  Clean and tidy up the garage and the basement.  Maybe put a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen and the main bathroom.
  • Maybe yoga would be a good thing.  In fact, researching a number of ‘stress relievers’ in advance might be beneficial for the home environment.  You need to find ways to be a good member of the ‘bubble’ and pass those learnings on to family, friends, and the kids.

What to do now?

Plan, Prepare, Participate in life!

Be Positive!

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