The question of privacy on the Internet and in this blog…

I was reminded this morning that this blog is open to the world.  I had three images on it which contained way too much personal information, so I have taken those images down, to be reposted when I can make a couple of edits to trim the more sensitive material from the images.

We’ve all heard the reviews about internet privacy, that once its up there, or out there, its there forever.  Obviously the big caution is for young women, for those interested in a career in politics, and anyone whose behaviours could be considered career limiting if they were widely known.

I apologize if you came to this blog looking specifically for those images.  I can only ask for your patience.  The images should be restored fairly soon, and with the appropriate narrative.  I must admit that I am finding it difficult to find the time to do this properly.  It will be done.

Thank you!!

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