Its not necessarily as bad as it seems; so just to add some clarity…

So I had occasion to send a note off to a friend just to put some things in perspective for him about how I’m doing and feeling.  Maybe it will fill any gaps for the rest of you as well until I can compose a proper note to each of you, or until I can draft the post that puts it all into perspective for you:
The note to my friend starts here>>

Good morning, dude!  I do have to laugh at the way that my wife and designated household communicator presents things.  Based on some of the communiques that have come out of the household you’d think that at some point I’d been reduced to the status of a stroked out zombie, complete with drool, new age shuffle and an inability to feed myself unless it was from a bowl on the floor.  None of this is now or ever has been true.  Nothing is as bleak as one could interpret from the communiques.  Probably the biggest deficits I have been wrestling with have been the balance issue, my challenges with vision plus the fact that I no longer type at 80 words a minute, but even that is coming back.  The darkest point remains that that I don’t get to go to work.    Everyone I complain to about this and the fact that the family has hidden my corporate BlackBerry invariably keeps trying to convince me to use the embargo on work as a way to relax.  HA!  I’m still trying to keep up with things at work and in my profession, and am treating this as a speed bump, not a full on detour or stop.  I am working at getting the doctors to lift the restrictions sooner than later… I figure that if I’m annoying enough they’ll agree to some sort of modified work arrangements just to shut me up.  😊
By the way, this photo was taken late one evening in July of 2013, a full 3+ months ahead of the actual stroke.  That droppy right eye was there then, and in a series of family photos taken in early June.  So don’t be trying to read anything into it.  

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