Time to change the Superintendent of Schools

Having listened to Edmonton Public Schools Superintendent Edgar Schmidt on the local CBC Radio One this morning, and thinking back to what a number of elementary school teacher friends have mentioned to me in the recent past, I believe that it is time to find a new Superintendent.This man is accepting and acting on bad advice. Firstly, his decision to restrict all out-of-province travel (air and ground) for the students in his jurisdiction is, in my mind, misguided. The only reason to make such sweeping statements, and invoke such sweeping bans is if the insurers pulled their support. He makes … Continue reading Time to change the Superintendent of Schools

Hypothyrodism confirmed

Damn. I’ve received confirmation that the radiation therapy has affected my thyroid, leaving me with a mild case of hypothyroidism.In discussion with my doctor (David Williams) when he called me at 8:00 PM (interesting office hours) he mentioned that 10 years ago the levels of TSH in my system would have been within accepted tolerances. Its only within that 10 years that the medical profession has determined a finer scale for measurement, and have determined a finer scale for treatment. My levels were a ‘5’ when they should have been a ‘4’, if that makes any sense to anyone. I … Continue reading Hypothyrodism confirmed