We’ve been in the lower mainland for two days and a bit, now… and I continue to be surprised by the amount of snow that lingers… huge drifts of wet, heavy stuff. It rains a bit, then it freezes a bit, then it snows a bit… nothing out of the ordinary for Ontario, and not that uncommon for parts of Alberta. But to the greater Vancouver area, this is causing major consternation! There just aren’t enough snowplows. Heck, there aren’t enough snow shovels! The sidewalks are not being shovelled. Driveways are not being shovelled. People have simply dropped their vehicles on clear patches of the road in front of their homes, making it very difficult to get around on the side streets. And the secondary roads that have been plowed have been done with such caution for the curbing and property frontages that the passable portions are very narrow… a lane-and-a-half in way too many places. The municipalities really haven’t got the infrastructure to delivery ice melt/sand in the proper mix for the climate. I must note, however, that I haven’t seen a huge number of traffic accidents… people are very wary of the conditions. If this was Edmonton, they’d simply ignore the potential and become the disasters…

Currently we are staying with friends in Langley; they’ve got the right vehicle for travel with these road conditions, and they live in a townhouse complex that has good drainage for dealing with the bulk of the snow and rain… but tonight we are transferring over to friends in West Vancouver who are not set up for this quite so well. The West Vancouverites have had their two vehicles (a vintage Ford Mustang and a late model Jaguar) trapped in their respective garages by the snow build up in the access alley, or lane. The lane rolls down into a bit of a depression, a step on the way down to the sea, and the snow has been collecting there making things a bit of a challenge… when we spoke with them on Sunday, they had been housebound for two days and were about to try their escape.

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