…and when I got home…

And when I got home from work on Friday afternoon, I found Gail in a terrible state. She had spent the afternoon ruminating on what the medical receptionist had said, and was absolutely freaked out. A friend of hers, Nancy, had actually come over to the house to try to keep her calm while they waited for me to get home. And she had ‘blown off’ a fairly important meeting because she was so distraught.

We talked… and I was so frustrated with her interpretation of the phone call, and actually quite worried about her state of mind that I called Dr. Naiker’s on-call line. He returned my call within minutes… (this guy is fabulous!)

On ‘speaker phone’ mode, Dr. Naiker explained to us (but more for Gail’s benefit) that nothing had changed since the last CT… he even read to us, word-for-word, the radiologist’s report. Now I may not have dwelt on this particular aspect before, but when I had the PET scan done last September/October, they identified a hotspot on one of my kidneys. That’s what we’re monitoring at the moment… and the area under surveillance is NOT growing, is NOT moving and is not changing in anyway. The radiologist is pretty sure that it is NOT a cyst, although it could be scar tissue from a couple of kidney stones I had years ago. The radiologist is basically saying it is maintaining a inert status… and recommended to Dr. Naiker that we should schedule another CT for six months down the road.

Gail calmed down… we went to friend’s for dinner… it was a lovely evening.

Bloody receptionist!

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