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Hey, guess what? I played golf yesterday afternoon! It wasn’t a full-on golf game, but an eighteen hole Texas Scramble social event sponsored by my employer’s Social Club. And thankfully we had power carts… otherwise I don’t think that I could have walked the entire course in the heat. My drives were really good… other than the simple fact that most of them pulled to the right. The lessons I took before my surgery made a huge difference… the only problem being that I haven’t figured out how to compensate for the damage to my right shoulder, hence the near constant drift to the right. I tried a couple of adjustments to my grip and the drives started to straighten out. I think I will need to go back to the Pro at Sturgeon for some advice on how to straighten out the drives for real. And, my putting needs serious work.

Oh, and yes, today I am in some discomfort… heh, heh, heh….

On Wednesday Gail went to one of the contract Canada Post postal outlets (Shoppers Drug Mart) to mail a parcel to the UK… at a cost of $30.00. On Thursday, the local Canada Post postal carrier delivered the package BACK TO US! Can you believe it?! Gail paid $30.00 just so Canada Post could sort it overnight and deliver it to the return address! It really is no wonder that people are not prepared to use Canada Post, preferring the various courier services instead.

We just heard back from my GP re: Tuesday’s CT Scan. I tell ya, he’s just gotta have a word with his receptionist. She called the house, got Gail on the phone and told her that the good Doctor wants to see me on the 25th of the month to review the results. The receptionist then went on to say that he wants to see me sooner than that, so she will be monitoring cancellations, just in case. So, when Gail phoned to let me know, she was definitely a wee bit wound up. Now really, how much trouble would it have been to say something to the effect that the Doctor has the CT results and is ready to review them with you; we’ve scheduled an appointment for the 25th, but I’ll see if I can’t get you in sooner by watching for cancellations. Far less scary, yes?

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