Woke this morning to bright sunshine. Will it hold? It bloody well better… we’re seeing Elton John at an outdoor concert in the early evening.

We’re going to take a quick run in to Guildford and then to a pub for lunch and walk by a canal. Where? I haven’t got a clue… I’ve got to sort out some addresses so that you can Google map where we are… I know that the house we are staying is in Woking, Surrey, on Pyle Hill Road; the house is called Apple Acre. Will it work as a Google address? I don’t know… I’ll try it in a moment.

And I’ve got to get those photos uploaded.

Gail fell apart last night, finally admitting that she is still terrified that the cancer is going to kill me. I keep trying to tell her that the ‘cure’ rate for my type of cancer is 95%, but she has fixated on some statistic for pancreatic cancer which has a 95% mortality rate. She still isn’t coping well, but the visit with Hayley is definitely helping. Part of the issue is that she needs ‘hope’, and something to look forward to. So, I gotta come up something that she can aim for… like a move to Costa Rica?

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