Cisplatin and tinnitus

One thing that I haven’t mentioned over the past few days that should be noted is the effect of Cisplatin (the chemo therapy drug) on my ears. Tinnitus. Since last Friday (yes, it took two days to manifest itself) I feel like its always the day after a big rock concert. My ears are lightly full of white noise, punctuated by high pitch whines. Physical pressure changes from the weather, wandering from room to room, just a subtle change in altitude up and down a hill can make a difference as to what I hear and experience. Certain metallic sounds are louder, shriller and other, usually confronting sounds, can be just on the edge of annoyance. The seat belt warning bell is loud. The fan on the furnace in the middle of the night is deafening. The small humidifier we’re trying to use to hydrate my sinuses is a jet engine in the middle of the night. And yet the cat’s purr is a barely heard whisper…

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