When It Rains…

In a previous post, I mentioned some of the Demons that come, unbidden, to torment as you try to work through the implications of the cancer and its treatment. Well, in my case the number of things that are stacking up, waiting in the wings for their moment to irritate us seems to be getting downright silly.

On Monday, Gail was off to the oral surgeon to start work on her implants to rebuild/replace her deteriorating teeth. While removing a broken tooth, the surgeon discovered a second broken tooth that had to be removed. They then built a temporary plate so she could make it through Christmas. And then he quietly announced that her jaw isn’t thick enough to take the posts necessary for the completion of the full procedure, so he will be sending her off to a specialist for bone grafts.

Gail seems to have had enough. I suspect that she is going to settle for a plate and forget about the Cadillac version. Too many surgeries in her lifetime; she doesn’t want anymore.

So, Monday night, there we were, both struggling with our dinners, and we began to laugh… a preview of us at 80!

We have also had to have two visits from the appliance repair guy that we use. First, the refrigerator is on its last legs and needs replacing very soon. And then this morning the wiring on the bake element in the wall oven had to be repaired. The oven is still serviceable, but it is getting on in age and will need replacing in the next couple of years. Of course the worst thing about the experience is that I couldn’t help the guy move the appliances; poor Gail ended up having to dig down deep to find her inner ‘butch’ and help manipulate the gear.

So, what’s next?

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