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Presenting my experiences to the world….

I’m wrestling with the best way to present my experience with oropharyngeal carcinoma to those who may get some benefit from it. What would be the best vehicle? This blog? I’m not so sure any more. A properly configured website? Maybe. A book? Well, yes, but later when its all done. But as an active record, I suspect that building and maintaining a website in concert with this blog would be better than the simple random ramblings from the blog. For instance, with a website, I can go back and tell the story of the surgery in a presentational manner … Continue reading Presenting my experiences to the world….

I caught myself doing something odd tonight; pushing people who care for me away to arm’s length. I’m not entirely sure where this is coming from, although I do know that I am pulling more and more into myself as I ready, intellectually, for the next phase of my treatments. Is this why I’m having a bit of difficultly relating to folks? Or am I just tired of talking about the surgery? the surgery is only one visible aspect of what needs to be done here. Sure, its a great catastrophic view of nature of the cancer, but it is … Continue reading