The Value of Prayer…

There have been studies of ‘studies’ that have shown that there can be a small difference in the results of an experiment involving subatomic particles that are observed directly by a human being, vs. the results being monitored mechanically and analysed after the fact. In theory, what this sort of demonstrates is that the human will can affect or help shape reality at the subatomic level. This goes forward to helping to define what quantum physics is and does in the universe. One of the major tenants of quantum physics (unless I have completely misunderstood it) is that every point in the universe is connected to every other point regardless of distance. If you think about the Gaea theory and the ‘butterfly effect’ you may sort of get the idea on a more restricted level; if a butterfly in the Brazilian jungle flaps its wings in distress, the long term effect/consequence is a snow storm in Edmonton.

So, where am I going with this? Be patient…

I don’t have a lot of respect for most of the organized religions of the world, and the horrors committed in the name of God. I have discovered that I have far less respect for Christian and Islamic churches than most, with Judaism coming up in third place. I don’t understand why God does His/Her job the way He/She does, and I am highly offended by the way in which the various churches use it to their advantage. Interpreting the ‘Word of God’… what a scam.

But somewhere within all of the silliness and the deception and self-serving behaviours of the churches, they do help the individual who takes so much on ‘faith’ to focus their thoughts into the very useful commodity of ‘prayer’.

Prayer, meditation, chanting circles and similar locuses that focus the unlimited power of human thought and imagination ties back into the earlier vague discussion about quantum physics and the interconnectedness of everything with everything else.

And then on to my central thought… that the prayers of those around me, for me, actually do make a difference in my recovery. By focusing your thoughts on me, for me, to me, at me, you’ve set up a ripple in the subatomic, in whatever fabric holds the universe together that ultimately helps me to find my place in universe, that holds me, feeds me, heals me. And for that, I thank you all.

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  1. Hi, I am going through the same thing as you and your blog has really helped. I have my quadroscopy scheduled this Friday including a tonsilectomy. My doctor is Dr. Harris from the U of A. Thank you for the information, it does worry me but it has also been very informative and relieving. I can understand what you are thinking with a lot of the posts.

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