Your hand in my pocket


Why do I find someone’s hand in my pocket ?

It seems like everyone wants a bit of something; a handout, a contribution, a donation, sponsorship or validation that can only come through monetization, and they’re looking in my pocket.

As I browse the web, surfing for information and guidance I find that nothing is free anymore. Everyone wants a contribution either in the form of straight up ‘gimme money’ or in the form of donation and subscription fees. There is no free exchange of information. People are trying to monetize their experience and insights using the vehicle of online courses.

Why do they think that the solution is in my pocket?

My pockets are nearly empty.

Even though I don’t have a lot of loose change, or unallocated money I continue to support this blog because there are a few people who rely on some of the information buried within it. My sense of altruism is stronger than my need and desire to monetize.

Alanis Morisette wrote and released a song; Hand in my pocket, back in 1995. Thematically its not the same thing as what I’m complaining about. May I suggest you read this post? Hand in my pocket on the Song Meanings and Facts blog.

And yes, I have one hand in my pocket ready to give, while I’m living a tenuous life.

Who are you with your hand in my pocket? Where are you from? How did you find me?

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