I’ve been trying to upload some photos of the Tall Ships that I took in Liverpool, but the blogger system is rejecting them for some reason… I’ll have a quick bash at ’em and try to figure out what’s doing on…

Its been a nice weekend for me… kinda quiet, though.

Saturday, while Jennifer and a friend were in Calgary at the zoo and then having lunch with my sister, I got on my motorcycle, and fighting horrendous head winds, drove out to Lake Wabumum and back. Interesting experience. I thought my bike was a difficult ride until I started passing other riders who had had to pull over to the side to rest from the buffeting they were taking. And the darn thing was brilliant on gas… I’m fairly confident that it will be an okay thing to try a longer ride now.

On Sunday, I picked up my older brother and drove the convertible to Calgary to have lunch with the same sister. Nice drive down, nice visit with her, but really annoying lunch. The food was great (Kane’s Harley Diner), but I just couldn’t eat it… dry mouth syndrome got in the way again. The drive back was going well until one of the Alberta Sheriffs spoiled it by deciding I was going too fast. Damn. Speeding ticket. Damn.

Today, Monday, has been a quiet one. Reading, used the hot tub for a bit, did a bit of grocery shopping… and found some newer gluten free protein bars to try. Every little bit helps, eh?

Gail flies home from the UK tomorrow…

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