Pathologist’s Report–Nasopharyngeal

As promised, here is the basic text of the pathologists report on the needle biopsy of the lump in my neck that precipitated all of this:

Clinical History: Other related clinical data: Right anterior triangle level II-III, 3-cm firm mobile mass, right anterior neck.

Right anterior triangle of the neck, aspirate:
Malignant Cells, consistent with metastatic tumor, favour primary Nasapharyngeal Carcinoma.

Microscopic Description:
The specimen is adequate for evaluation of a lymph node in that there are a small number of lymphocytes at the edges of the smears; however, there are also a moderate number of groups of poorly differentiated cells, some of which show suggestion of squamoid differentiation. There are few giant cells. The cytology is consistent with metastatic malignancy, likely nasopharyngeal in origin; however, a lung primary should also be included in the differential diagnosis.

The rest of the document is the health system’s gobbledygook…

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