…a strategy for attaining nirvana…

Skating on the thin ice of dreams and an unorthodox approach towards nirvana, I have identified three goals. These are three things that I desperately want to do before too much longer.

Its funny how, as my darling wife confronts her mortality using her skirmishes with menopause as the locus and focus, I am being forced to address those hidden desires and dreams which mean something to me… so, these are the three goals:

1. learn to sail and then captain a 40′ +/- from Victoria to Mexico/Costa Rica and back again.
2. take an extended gourmet cooking class: either a Cordon Bleu or the two week intensive program offered at NAIT.
3. learn to paint portraits, properly.

These are my goals going into my fifties. Whatcha think?

So far, I have actually enrolled in a drawing class at the U of A to solidify my drawing skills… and those who know me, know that I can draw, after a fashion, so I should be quite successful in this one. From the drawing class, I will take a painting class, and then onto the portraiture classes…

I have been TOLD that I WILL take a swimming class this fall at the local pool. I WILL NOT start sailing classes without it, or so I’m told. This is really too bad… I could have taken a couple of weekend classes out at Wabamum even this late in the summer. (heavy sigh inserted here) There are some things one must do to give comfort to those who love us.

The cooking will have to wait… I keep getting thrown out of the kitchen every time I try to make a bold move. So, the books, the magazines will have to suffice until I can come up with the wherewithal to pay for the classes.

And, it appears, I will be taking a yoga class this fall, as well. Don’t ya just love it when someone else embraces part of your dream and then builds on it for you?

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