Same Sex Marriage and the Alberta Government

What are they so afraid of? The caucaus of the governing party in Alberta has decided (with only one dissenting vote: Yay! for Gary Marr) that it will use the ‘Notwithstanding’ clause as a way to block any federal Same-Sex Marriage legislation being used in Alberta. This decision comes after their Solicitor General and the head of the party (Ralph) warned them that the use of the ‘Notwithstanding’ clause won’t work, legally. So, what are they so afraid of? And what are they doing with taxpayers’ money? The court challenges to use the ‘Notwithstanding’ clause will potentially cost the Alberta … Continue reading Same Sex Marriage and the Alberta Government

Circles… and cycles

Watching it… watching the world go by… I’ve been watching it for nearly fifty years, paying attention in varying degrees depending on where I am in my life cycle. And I’ve started paying attention again recently… It strikes me, more and more, that the observation “What goes around, comes around” is just way too true. The use of ‘circles’ and ‘cycles’ in literature as metaphor for the natural order of things has been a fairly common practice. In fact, one can first see the use of the circle/cycle in ancient mythologies… nature as a cycle of birth>>maturation>>death>>rebirth. Most agrarian cultures … Continue reading Circles… and cycles